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Founded on the Spirit filled Roman Catholic faith, we are a people called by God to make Christ real in the world. We are committed to support this mission with and for our neighbors through hospitality, worship, works of charity, formation and stewardship.
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  • A Word from Our Pastor

    Father Thomas Mischler                  December 6, 2016


    Life From Another Perspective


    I am not sure why, but we human beings have a fascination about time. Some are mesmerized by the thought of going back in time. Sci-fi shows invasion time travel. Star Trek introduced the idea of the Prime Directive, no Star Fleet commander or crew should ever effect the time continuum as to alter its development. Even now CBS offers a show called, “Timeless.”


    The point being there is this attraction to time travel and awareness of time’s effects on us. Church/religious life is no different. Every Advent we enter this time continuum. We look back to recall Jesus’ brith. We make preparations for his coming and we long we his return. We await the promise knowing all the while it is unfolding is happening before us.


    Advent is the season where time meets the timeless. Where the present intersects with the past and the future brings us back to the past. In the stillness of Advent time both stands still and moves forward.


    There is indeed cause for rejoicing. God has fulfilled his promise. He has given his son to us in exchange for the ability to offer our hearts to him. God has reached out to us and we in turn reach out to Him.


    The relationship we develop with our God is both the path to long lasting joy and the guarantee that this relationship will continue to sustain us. Our joy is truly a gift from God and it is God who wishes to sustain that gift. For that reason we rejoice this weekend.


    Soon the celebration of Christ’s birth will be upon us. The exchange of gifts and the gathering of families speaks to the importance of celebrating this wonderful gift of love shared with us. We rejoice together that our God so loved us that he sent only Son to lead us home.


    Let us then allow our God to move us and prepare us to best receive the gift He wishes to offer to us. Let us rejoice in the immensity of God’s generous love shared with us through his Son, Jesus.


    Sincerely yours in Christ,

    Fr Tom

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