Education is important for our faith and it is strongly supported here at Holy Spirit. Our programs help youth and adults alike understand our faith.

Generations of Faith

Generations of Faith is an innovative family formation program that aids and encourage parents as the primary teachers in faith formation.  Full parental responsibility in this spiritual growth includes parental attendance along with their children at each month’s session of Generations of Faith, inspiring and applauding the completion of home assignments, praying with your children, and faithful attendance at weekend mass.  It is expected that children in first grade through the reception of Confirmation participate in yearly ongoing faith formation to ensure continuous, systematic, age appropriate catechesis.

Formation is our goal. We hope to help our families become informed, active participating parishioners who are forming and supporting each other in love, worship and service as Jesus did.  Generations of Faith is designed to teach us how to grow in our relationship with God through His word.

Our family faith formation program is designed to help our families learn how to think in a Catholic Christian context.  As we learn the process of finding God’s direcction in our lives, our learning strenghtens our relationship with God and faith continues to form and grow.

Generations of Faith sessions will be on the second and third Sundays of the month.   We are asking for families to choose either  the 1st or the 2nd session and you will be scheduled for that session each month.  We will begin following  the 10am Mass (approx. 11:15).  We will have 1.5 hours of instruction.  Those students preparing for a sacrament will be required to participate in additional sacrament preparation sessions.   Parent/guardian attendance is reguired for all sessions.

After mass we will proceed to the Parish Life Center where we will begin with a snack, since we were spiritually fed at Mass.  Sessions will run for 1.5 hours. You should plan to be here until at least 12:45 pm. You are required to stay for the entire session.