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Life From Another Perspective


Dear Friends of Holy Spirit,


The Gospel of Mark opens today with Jesus moving to the Sea of Galilee and beginning his ministry by calling his disciples to follow him. What is amazing in this story is the immediacy of their response. Both Peter and Andrew, and James and John seem to jump at the opportunity to accept the invitation of Jesus. There is no hesitancy. There is no fear or uncertainty. They merely react, give up everything they know and choose to follow Jesus


As we begin Ordinary Time in the Church’s calendar, we are given a glimpse of the ministry of Jesus and an invitation to join him in bringing that ministry to others. It is an opportunity to let the work of Jesus continue in the simple daily things we do. It is a challenge to accept the calling to be a disciple of Jesus and an instrument of God’s grace in the world where we live.


The recent prayer given to us to pray for the post-synod work, Bishop Hying invites us to consider Mary as a model missionary discipleship. As the prayer continues we join him in asking, “May you, who are the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, intercede for us as we strive to rekindle the fire of faith in Northwest Indiana and beyond.” This prayer reflects the plan of Jesus ministry with St. Mark offers today and is captured in the response of the future apostles to say yes to Jesus’ invitation to follow him.


This spirit of “rekindling the fire of faith,” is also at the heart of the two vision statements that have been crafted by members of our sister parishes. Similar is scope, they each reflect the unique nature of our two parishes. I invite you to read them, pray over them and reflect how you can envision yourself contributing to the success of making the vision become a reality both at St. Helen’s and at Holy Spirit.


Look for these two vision statements to be printed in the bulletin. I will work with the bulletin editor, Barb Graham, to find a spot where both can be printed next to each other so you can compare the similarities and the differences. Each brought joy to my heart. I hope they will bring hope and promise to your hearts.


Coming soon will also be a new webpage for both St. Helen’s and Holy Spirit. Our bulletin company is helping us to contract it. It will cover events and info from both parishes and will allow you to be more interactive with the content. So be on the watch, it will be coming shortly to a web browser near you.


Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr Tom

About Father Tom

Father was raised in Griffith, Indiana. He attended St. Mary’s School in Griffith and Bishop Noll High School. After graduation he attended St. Meinrad Seminary. He was then sent to Rome to study for five years, coming home with a Masters degree in Spirituality. His first pastorate was at St. Edwards in Lowell and his second was at St. Mary of the Lake. We were blessed to have him assigned to our parish in June 2010 following the retirement of our founding pastor, Fr. Joseph Murphy.




  1. Mike Murphy says:

    Hi Father Tom,

    Congratulations on the Blackhawks win … what a great team and playoff run !

    It’s been 9 months since Lou passed away and Rose is keeping busy but certainly has some difficult days. However, her faith is strong and she has a good support team. I hope you are well and that all is running smoothly in the Parish.

    Now, let’s see those Cubs make a run for it !

    Take Care,


  2. Beverly A. Rinkenberger says:

    I would like to suggest that signs be placed up by/near the dumpster in the back lot.
    Many times when I have come to dump paper in the dumpster, there is other things in the dumpster – such as, cardboard, toys furniture, wood, etc.
    Also, when I have put cardboard, plastic, and cans in the other dumpsters, there also is
    other things in their such as, wood, riding toys, and furniture.
    Something needs to be done. Maybe info in the bulletin, signs outside by the dumpsters showing what each dumpster is for, and maybe signs saying no furniture, barbeques, toys, etc.