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Dear Friends in Christ at Holy Spirit and St. Helen’s,


This weekend I begin another phase to the journey of my priesthood as I serve the people of God now both in Winfield Township and Hebron. This is actually my third time serving two parishes. During my time at St. Edward in Lowell, I inherited the mission of St. Theresa in Shelby. When I left Lowell to join the Cluster of Parishes in Gary, I knew that eventually I would again by pastor of two parishes. Within a few years that happened at St. Mary of the Lake and Holy Rosary.


Now I am accepting the responsibilities of pastoring St. Helen’s in Hebron and Holy Spirit in Winfield. Currently, I join approximately eight other priests in our Diocese who are also pastors of multiple parishes. This is not a new trend and this is only the beginning of this reality. In the near future more of us will be asked to pastor more than one parish.


I am most grateful to our Bishop Donald Hying for the confidence he has shown in assigning me to two parishes. My gratitude also extends to the staff personnel at Holy Spirit and St. Helen’s for their patience with me and their understanding of balancing act to fully care for the people at both parishes. Equally important is the appreciation and admiration I have for Fr. Frank Torres as he assists me in the pastoral care of the good people at St. Helen’s. Going forward from here requires the ability of all the parties to work in concert with each other and with me. To that end having a deacon assigned at the moment part time at Holy Spirit will be a great gift for both parishes. I am excited the Deacon Tom Maicher has so willingly embraced the opportunity to share his diaconal gifts with us. It will be a boon for both Holy Spirit and St. Helen’s in the long run.


As we all go forward from here let us trust in God’s providence to guide us through these next few years. God will provide what we need to grow in faith and in his love. I believe strongly in the saying, “God can never be outdone in his generosity.” Trusting this to be true, both of our parishes can thrive in this new era of multiple parishes served by the same pastor. I am asking you to trust in this process and be convinced in your hearts that in God cannot be outdone in his generosity to us.


Fr. Tom





About Father Tom

Father was raised in Griffith, Indiana. He attended St. Mary’s School in Griffith and Bishop Noll High School. After graduation he attended St. Meinrad Seminary. He was then sent to Rome to study for five years, coming home with a Masters degree in Spirituality. His first pastorate was at St. Edwards in Lowell and his second was at St. Mary of the Lake. We were blessed to have him assigned to our parish in June 2010 following the retirement of our founding pastor, Fr. Joseph Murphy.


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  1. Mike Murphy says:

    Hi Father Tom,

    Congratulations on the Blackhawks win … what a great team and playoff run !

    It’s been 9 months since Lou passed away and Rose is keeping busy but certainly has some difficult days. However, her faith is strong and she has a good support team. I hope you are well and that all is running smoothly in the Parish.

    Now, let’s see those Cubs make a run for it !

    Take Care,


  2. Beverly A. Rinkenberger says:

    I would like to suggest that signs be placed up by/near the dumpster in the back lot.
    Many times when I have come to dump paper in the dumpster, there is other things in the dumpster – such as, cardboard, toys furniture, wood, etc.
    Also, when I have put cardboard, plastic, and cans in the other dumpsters, there also is
    other things in their such as, wood, riding toys, and furniture.
    Something needs to be done. Maybe info in the bulletin, signs outside by the dumpsters showing what each dumpster is for, and maybe signs saying no furniture, barbeques, toys, etc.